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Erosion Solutions and COVID-19

Erosion Solutions is a sub-contractor currently performing work on construction projects deemed as Essential Critical Infrastructure described by the National Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA), along with the States of Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and North Carolina. 

Erosion Solutions continues to perform our services in the areas of our expertise.  We are proceeding with careful thought and preparation so that these services can be safely performed using appropriate protocols and precautions. It is of our utmost intention to protect the safety and health of our workers and their families along with those we are working with and in close proximity to.


ES and COVID-19 protocols for Employees

•Implementation of ES COVID-19 Prevention Policy including but not limited to the following:

       •Beginning of shift:

             •COVID-19 questionnaire  

             •Temperature screening

      •Provide Sanitizing/disinfecting cleaner for all vehicles and implemented procedures with accountability checks by supervisors daily 

      •Face coverings when riding in vehicle with others

      •Review of company policy and handouts for all employees including employees rights provided by the CARES Act.

      •ES has made a point to educate all employees of the hazard and measures to take to limit/eliminate the COVID-19 hazard.

      •All sick absences will be reviewed per ES COVID-19 Prevention Policy prior to returning to work

      •All employee meetings adhere to maximum of 10 personnel unless social distancing can be accomplished

What to expect when visiting an Erosion Solutions location

•Visitor restrictions have been implemented in all facilities

•Visitors will be screened by the following:

       •Temperature scan

       •COVID-19 screening Questionnaire 

•You may see employees wearing face coverings when inside vehicles carrying two or more people per ES Policy

•Visitors may be asked to wear a mask if within close proximity to ES Employees

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